• The Native Team

NATIVE READS (7/24/19)

11 articles in the world of food and tech that have peaked our interest in the last week.

The restaurant industry is turning to prisons to find workers

Via New Food Economy. With a million unfilled restaurant job gap in the US food industry, the National Restaurant Association has announced a $4.5 million grant to help train incarcerated and recently released youth to fill this gap.

The young hands that feed us

Via Pacific Standard. An estimated 524,000 children work unimaginably long hours in America's grueling agricultural fields, and it's all perfectly legal.

Half the World’s Pigs Are Facing the Largest Animal Disease Outbreak in History

– Via Food Tank. A highly contagious virus is spreading throughout Asia, infecting over one million hogs. The disease is impacting the global trade of pigs and pork products and is a threat to global food security.

Will a $15 Minimum Wage Kill Jobs and Hurt the Poor?

– Via Mother Jones. Two new studies challenge industry claims.

The (Mis)education of America’s Culinary Schools

– Via Eater. Coursework at traditional culinary schools has yet to reflect the diverse cooking happening in today’s restaurants.

The Cosmic Crisp Apple will be available this Fall

– Via California Sunday. This apple, 2 decades in the making, is looking to make a splash in the industry.

New York beats out San Francisco to be the World’s best tech city – Via Bloomberg. Talent pool, infrastructure, lifestyle. Study shows New York is the best city in the World for technology. Agree?

My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman – Via New York Times. What life is like as one of the thousands of delivery drivers that bring your food to you.

Building a bridge from farm to pharmacy Via The New Food Economy. NYC is expanding a unique prescription program that helps low-income residents with health risks afford more fresh produce.

New coalition calls for statewide soda tax in California

-Via Politico. A soda tax in California? What impact would a piece of legislation like this have on public health?

Recycling fish water to fertilize plants and grow food: Oko Farms

–Via NYC Food Policy. Profile of our friends at Oko Farms; New York’s largest outside aquaponic farm operation.